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Thurledeweg 125

3044 ER Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce No. : 68490402

VAT No. : NL001625649B33

Tel: + 31 10 750 7484

Opening hours:

Monday from 18:00 – 21:00

Wednesday from 18:00 – 21:00

Saturday from 15:00 – 18:00

(The opening hours to call the Da Costa Shop can change, the changes that occur will be communicated through the news bulletin on the homepage)

Return address

Thurledeweg 125

3044ER Rotterdam

The Netherlands

After hours you can contact Da Costa Shop through the contact form or by email. You can leave a message, but sending an email is more efficient if you are able to provide the necessary information to have your question answered.

Feel free to write Da Costa Shop in French, German, Spanish, English, Dutch or Portuguese if you can express yourself better that way.

Ask a Question about your Invoice

There may be some uncertainties in the Invoice you have received, that is not a problem. Please ask your question and add in your invoice number. Da Costa Shop will answer you as soon as possible, but definitely within 48 hours. Or you can email to

Ask a Question about a Product

There are great products in the shop. Da Costa Shop tries to provide you with all the information that is available and necessary. However should you miss an important detail to be added or you want to know something that is not mentioned or you don’t understand something. Feel free to ask or share, be sure to mention the product you have a question or a remark about, otherwise it will be difficult to answer or add your remark. Or you can email to

General Question

If your reason to write to Da Costa Shop is not mentioned in the contact form, just write it under General.

To manage the offer Da Costa shop will need your help, be sure to email your likings of a product so that the knowledge is shared and the purchase can take place once again to provide joy to others. Should you disliked it a little bit, do tell as well. Again it will be impossible to thank every submitted evaluation, but know it will be read and it is appreciated. An evaluation of all opinions will determine the future of the offered products. Or you can email to

Submit a Complaint

Da Costa Shop tries to provide an experience that matches your expectation. It tries to do this by cooperating with the best, taking the best care in selecting the products, managing a friendly and interesting site and being clear about the products and services. However mistakes can occur in the process and not everyone’s expectations can be met. Da Costa Shop therefore has a Complaint Procedure. You can read more about this procedure in this topic below the page. Here you can initiate the procedure by submitting a complaint. Be sure to describe your complaint as detailed as you can. Da Costa Shop strives for resolving complaints within reasonable terms as soon as possible. Or you can email to

Request Products, Suggestions or a Blog entry

Should you be missing a product or product line, you can submit a request for it. Please be sure to mention why this could add value in your opinion. This is also the place where you can submit great ideas and suggestions for products or a very interesting blog topic. Should you feel inspired about a topic, feel free to send your Blog If it fits the site and it’s creative, it will be posted. Be clear if you want your name mentioned as the writer, yes or no. Da Costa Shop likes to share so should you want to, you will need to give permission to mention your name under your Blog when posted on the site. Otherwise it will be just one more blog that is added and your name will not be mentioned.

Unfortunately Da Costa Shop can’t implement all the ideas and suggestions, but they will definitely be taken in consideration and they are appreciated. Unfortunately it will not be possible to provide a reaction to all the submitted creativity, but there will be an evaluation of all requests before deciding to add a product, post, idea or product line to the shop. Your input together with the positioning of the shop will determine the outcome. Or you can email to

Ask a question about Returns and Delivery

Should you have a question about returns or your delivery, you can submit them here. Please submit them together with your invoice number or you can email to Feel free to contact UPS or DPD directly for delivery should you have a tracking number already.

To return a product go to our Return Shipping Service Portal within 14 days after receiving the products.

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