1. Singers that can act out!

    Singers that can act out!

    There are a lot of singers that figure let’s play a character on television or in a movie some time and they go ahead and do that. It makes me think about brands that normally sell skincare products and then decide to extent their offerings and start selling perfume as well. Some singers are like a brand and stand for something, like elegance, style, bad, tough etc. Some Brands use this image if the singers  to sell their products. Probably the film industry use these singers as well for their image and to attract certain people. Anywhay there are a lot of singers playing in films. Some do it once and others keep popping up in different movies. Here are some surprisingly good actors that are known as singers as well. And one day they thought, let’s try to act in a movie or television series. And so they did, and in my opinion they nailed it:

    Lady Gaga in American Horror Story, I loved her acting she did a superb job at it. Honestly I did not

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  2. Being a number 1 of a million number ones

    Being a number 1 of a million number ones

    Working with the shop seeing all kinds of merchandise of artists, made me remember my younger years. I was a huge Fan of the Boy Band Take That. They made me cry, laugh and I really loved them truly and forever for 3 whole years like a crazy person.

    Looking at the young ones these days they also have this crazy love for Justin Bieber, Direct, Selena Gomes and all those younger singers. I did notice that these crushes of the younger fans exist more often towards younger artists. Probably because they can relate more to them. I remember going to all their concerts and clapping my hands like an out of control seal and screaming my longs out knocking my voice out for 2 days. But In the end it was so worth it. It felt like I was doing this for them and I would do anything for them.

    My room was full of posters, my collection was huge and I taped everything on television (in these times we still had video recorders). It gave me a mission and nothing else mattered except for

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