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Welcome to the Da Costa Shop. Hopefully you will like it here.

Da Costa Shop started out as a great hobby, collecting and visiting Comicons all over Europe. Discovering new and old school pearls in different areas. Meeting great people, learning what’s out there and talking a lot about the subject. Da Costa Shop works with suppliers that provide high quality products and services.

Television Themes and Movie Store

Da Costa Shop has a great web shop combining Collectables, Merchandise, Costumes and Toys together. You can shop by Theme, Brand, Product Type or search for a specific product or character on the site. There are often products in the sale for a certain period of time and new arrivals extending the product range. The offered product flow will be very dynamic and change quickly, providing new likeable and much requested products. The shop offers products for young and old therefore you can find all your great gifts here. Da Costa Shop takes great care in selecting the products that are offered and manages the offerings to the seasons that we pass during the year. The shop specializes in Popular and Seasonal Products like Halloween, winter, summer, Christmas. And it specializes in Movie and Television Theme products like Disney, film, sports, history, musicians and television series.

Da Costa Shop offers a majority of new products. There are also a few preowned products, especially in the collectables and Old School Categories. These are labeled as:

· Preowned untouched; products that have been owned by somebody else, but were never used or taken out of the box. Some are even sealed.

· Preowned Excellent condition: products that have been owned by somebody else, but are in near mint to mint condition. Are complete and in working condition.

· Preowned Good condition: products that have been owned by somebody else, but were well taken care of. They can show slight traces of usage and/or discoloration. However they are complete (in some cases repaired. This will be mentioned in the product information), in working order and looking good.

All the preowned products are in good condition, through the pictures and in the writing you can see what you get. These preowned products were taken by Da Costa Shop and the products are checked as well where possible. The products were bought from companies that also check and value the products for what they are worth. Some exceptions are made for extremely unique products these were bought from individuals in person by the Da Costa Shop.

Suggestions in Television & Movie Store for Cosplay Outfits, Merchandise, Toys and Collectables 

Da Costa shop is always looking for unique and creative products of good quality to add. Should you be a manufacturer or an official agent of a manufacturer and believe your products will suite the offerings, feel free to get in contact and introduce your products. Should you be a registered visitor and be missing or be looking for a product, don’t hesitate to submit a request for the product. Send an email to requests@need4toys.eu.  Unfortunately it is impossible to respond to all requests, but you can count on it that every request will be taken into consideration.

Feel free to submit suggestions if you have a great idea for the site, a super interesting Blog to share or new product line advise. See the contact us page for more information and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest so that you won’t miss a thing.

Return Shipping Service Portal

To be able to provide you with the best service possible Da Costa Shop provides her clients with a  Return Shipping Service Portal where you can return your product for free within 14 days after receiving the product. In case you are want to return a product, this enables you to handle the return shipping. Fill in the information and print the return shipping label.